STRUGATSKY, ARKADI, b. 1925; STRUGATSKY, BORIS, b. 1933, are brothers and co-authors. Arkadi gratuated from the Japanese department of the Military Institute of Foreign Languages in 1949 and after demobilisation continued to study Japanese. He is one of the most prominent Soviet specialists in Japanese studies. Boris graduated from yhe department of mechanics and mathematics of Leningrad University and continues to work in this field. Arkadi lives in Leningrad, and Boris in Moscow. They began writing in 1957, and are the co-authors of a great number of books (see article about them in this issue), including The Land of Purple Clouds, Return. Noon: 22nd Century, The Predatory Things of the Age (published in the USA as The Final Circle of Paradise), Roadside Picnic and A Beetle in an Ant-Hill. Many of their works have been translated into foreign languages.


Our Autors // Soviet Literature (Moscow). – 1982. – No. 1. – P. 192.