XXII century

The Chronicles of the XXII Century

At the same time, the people of Headies, as incomprehensible to the human race as seventeen years ago, founded its permanent mission in Canada. Finally, in the year 78, there had been a chain of events that became known as Operation Beetle in the Anthill. Rudolf Sikorski, the maitre of COMCON-2 and a long-time sufferer of Sikorski Syndrome, murdered Lev Abalkin. Due to Sikorski's criminal act, Abalkin died before he understood why he came to the Extraterrestrial Cultures Museum.

The 80's were quiet except for three outstanding events.

In the early 80's, two young tourists named Vadim and Anton accompanied by "an office historian" Saul Repnin landed on a planet located in the system of EN 7031 yellow dwarf. The planet, duly named Saula, turned out to be inhabited, with a civilization in an early stage of development. The planet turned out to be located in the hypothetical Path of the Wanderers, in complete accordance with the Gorbovsky/Bader list. In addition, found on the planet was a hyperspatial transportation channel built by the Wanderers. A huge amount of machinery was transported through the channel, both origin and destination being unknown. Information about the planet was immediately communicated to COMCON. However, this is not the strangest thing in this story. The strangest part is the very personality of Saul Repnin. Judging by circumstantial evidence, he was born in the twentieth century that he escaped to come back later. Competent experts believe that, living in the twentieth century, he was one of the Metahomi (See GGI tip). It is quite possible that he was the very first Metahomo.

The second event was a breakthrough beyond the Blind Spot by a fleet of Ghosts, an outstanding victory of the human race.

The third without a doubt is the unexpected cancellation of the bioblockade (fukamization) approved by the World Council on February 2, 85 as an amendment to the Bioblockade Act in response to a mass protesting campaign. As it turned out later, the Earth owes this to the Metahomi who by that time were actively building their "mankind within the mankind".

Then the fateful 90's began. These were the years of mankind separation, years of thrust into the unknown, years of gradual conversion of the planetary man into the man of space, the Wanderer. This decade remained in the history as the years of the Great Revelation.

In the early 90's, Camill, the last of the Baker's Dozen, had seemingly seen the connection between finding "the sarcophagus" in the 30's, the outcome of the Stepchildren Case, and the inevitable conversion of humans into the Metahomi, and then destroyed himself. The end of the century confirmed his expectations.

In May 93, there was a case of temporary lapse of reason of three members of a research party stationed on the planet of Tissa near the EN 63061 star. Two of them left for the desert but the chief of party was able to continue the operation; soon someone dressed in all white appeared to him and said that he is accepted as a candidate to the Wanderers' community. As a result of this event, Maxim Kammerer, then head of the emergency department at COMCON-2, after securing an approval by Mikhail Sidorov, the President of the Urals/North Sector, opened a case devoted to studying possibilities of the Wanderers acting as the Progressors on Earth (see GGI, archives of COMCON-2, project code Old Lady's Visit). In December 94, a new employee, 27-years-old Toiwo Glumov, joined Kammerer's department after working as a Progressor for three years.

Six months before that, Maxim Kammerer called on Isaac Bromberg, a famous historian of science, to create a model of the Wanderers' possible Progressor activity on Earth. This is how the most famous Bromberg Memorandum was written (I. Bromberg, Monocosmos: the Top or the First Step? Notes on Evolution of the Evolution). The Memorandum defined the principles according to which the mankind will be separated into the Metahomi and common humans. On June 11, 94, Isaac Bromberg died at the age of 150. No documents related to the Monocosmos model development were found in his archives.

Since early 95 until early 99, Maxim Kammerer assisted by Toiwo Glumov has done a significant research under the Project Old Lady's Visit. The information they were able to obtain linked together fairly well; early 30's -- the emergence of the Stepchildren, late 40's -- the detonators found, late 70's -- the tragedy of Sikorski/Abalkin, mid-80's -- unexplainable disappearances of people and advent of strange phobias such as "the Penguin syndrome" or fukamiphobia, and, finally, the 90's -- the accident at Tissa and the formation of the Nuts Institute. The mankind quickly approached the yet invisible boundary.

In March 99, the notorious Wizard from Saraksh visited the Earth and the Nuts Institute. After visiting the Institute, he left the Earth in panic. Immediately after that, the events in Malaya Pesha took place. Then Kammerer understood that the participants, in strict accordance with the Bromberg Memorandum, were separated by someone into groups based on their reaction. A little later he logically arrived at a complete list of all Metahomi initiated since 96 through 99. Then the Metahomi decided that it was time to dot the i's and cross the t's. In the mid-99, there has been a meeting between Daniel Logovenko, "the Metahomi obstetrician", and two members of the World Council, Gennadi Komov and Leonid Gorbovsky. At the meeting, the Metahomi disclosed their identity. Logovenko explained that a Metahomo is a converted human. Komov required that the Metahomi leave the Earth immediately.

Right after that, Kammerer told Glumov that the latter is a carrier of the "third impulse system" required to transform a human into a Metahomo. In other words, Glumov turned out to be a potential Metahomo. After a long consideration, Glumov agreed to be initialized. So ended the life of Toiwo Glumov the human and began that of Toiwo Glumov the Metahomo.

Every human lived through the Great Revelation in his own way. But everyone realized that the era of stationary horizontal development is over. The Newest History began, the era of vertical progress.

Such was the end of this brilliant century, the last century of the mankind's horizontal development.

Recorded by M. Shavshin,
one of the remaining horizontal losers.

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