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[28.10.2002] "InterBuild" Ltd. issued a collection of science fiction stories "5-th Wall". The collection is dedicated to a special topic - "Future home". Vladimir Vasilyev is represented by the story "Familiar house, unfamiliar house".
[28.10.2002] The sales of Vladimir Vasilyev's book in Poland will begin on 30.11.2002.
[23.10.2002] AST publishing house received the text of stories collection about the witcher from the Greater Kiev. It will include: "Witcher from the Greater Kiev", "Nurse", "Duty, honor and taimas", "Matter of price" and "Motherland of Indifference".
[23.10.2002] AST publishing house published a collection «Hydrofoil Jolly Roger», omprised of stories and short stories written in different years in the «Stellar Labyrinth» series. "Enemy Unknown" and "Hot Start" were published under one cover in the «Stellar Labyrinth - collection» series
[19.08.2002] Interview from the #sf&f, channel, taken in May, 2002. (in Russian)
[19.08.2002] The first book of the new cycle «War for mobility» was published in the «Stellar Labyrinth» series of the AST publishers. The title of the book is «Heritage of the giants». In the same series the collection «Hydrofoil Jolly Roger» is on the way. It consists of stories and short stories of different years.
[19.08.2002] Newspaper «CDpro» about the disk (article by Kseniya Khatsko):
[19.08.2002] The IDDK firm (Moscow) issues a multimedia disk «Vladimir Vasilyev: sci-fi worlds» (cover) in the series «CLASSIC electronic book» The disk includes: complete set of works, a lot of mp3 songs, many photos. With the help of a special program the texts can be listened in audio mode.
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    Vladimir Vasilyev — is a science fiction writer whose works began to be actively published in the late eighties. By the beginning of 2002 24 books of different genres are published:
SF, fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera, strange blend of espionage novel and alternative history.
He became widely known because of his cyberpunk novel «Hearts and engines» that has become a cult book in the Net (by the way, a sequel is written - «Hot start»)
[Both books are only available in Russian - D.L.]

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