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[01.10.2001] Opening of this section.

    It is said that people are divided into two roughly equal parts. Some of them, after getting on board the yacht for the first time, stay there for a while, then go ashore and live like before. The other ones fall ill forever. Ill with the wind, the sails and uncquenchable craving for wandering.
    I am one of the latter. I fell ill with the sea in summer, 1997, and since then I await the beginning of the yachting season with more impatience than the next book. Now I have my very own vessel - a Bermuda-rigged centerboarder. There was a time when his name was «Chingis», but after the troubles with a breach and long repair it was decided to change the name to «Pencil».
    Everyone not indifferent towards the voice of waves and tongue of sails, welcome!

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