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Marina and Sergey Dyachenko
Russian Science Fiction & Fantasy
*A khutor is a Ukrainian farmstead.
  Skrut and Witch's Age (Ved'min Vek) were re-published in a new editing. If at publishing of Skrut Azbuka press took the wrong floppy disk and published our first draft version - having thus violated the contract by failing to show us the text before publication, then the story with Witch's Age was that they actually performed an unauthorized editing of our work, having simplified the text - and again failing to show us their editing - in defiance of the contract. That was one of the reasons for us to leave these publishers. And now these novels are in author's editing - thanks to Olma-Press.

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Book cover(6128)
The Frontier
Book cover(5273)
Book cover(4730)
Roots of Stone
Book cover(5796)
The Cave
Book cover(5860)
Witch's Age
Book cover(5453)
Book cover(5343)
The Gate-Keeper. The Scar.
Book cover(4819)
The Successor
Book cover(5174)
Book cover(5502)
Witch's Age
Book cover(6010)
The Cave
Book cover(5655)
Book cover(5401)
The Adventurer
The books are sold through Ozon, an online store: OZON.

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