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Marina and Sergey Dyachenko
Russian Science Fiction & Fantasy
A foto of Dyuses, the tom-cat(15363)   ... This creature (a remote descendant of Behemoth, Woland's cat, as has recently been discovered) is a co-author of the Dyachenko couple, a plot generator (he sleeps on Marina's pillow, transmitting demiurgical dreams) and the beginner of all texts (before the beginning of their work, they traditionally let the cat walk on the keyboard. The black magic paw promises to bring luck). By tradition, the authors begin the novel with the letter chosen by Dyushes.

  This page, devoted to Dyushes, plans to introduce a fair image of the cat, his biography, views on life and literary production to the readers (from time to time, Dyushes takes heart and writes independently). You have to admit: not every cat has his point of view on various serious, philosophical - social - ethical - psychological problems!

  Dyushes plans to organize a Remarkable Cats Club, where he wishes to see the famous cats like Purr, Thomas, Behemoth, Twinket, Orange Cat, Forrest Cat, and others, as well as - provided there is no feline age requirement for club members - Sunny Kitten.

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