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I, Tyurin Alexander Vladimirovich, deemed it fitting to come into being on January 20, 1962 in the city of Odessa. In 1967, foreseeing the upcoming Ukrainian problems, I moved to the city of Saint-Petersburg. From 1978 to 1983, I attended lectures mixed with floor maintenance assignments at the Admiral Makarov Senior Nautical School. I was searching for my soul, at sea and ashore. From 1983 to 1990 I worked on introducing Automated Manufacturing Control Systems into the national economy, all pretty much in vain. But my leisure time was devoted to the quite useful study of all sorts of mysticism, as well as the history of science and technology. I have become increasingly interested in writing since 1984, consider myself to be a half decent writer since around 1988, and managed to become a member of the Writers' Guild in 1994. I am the author of ten books, one of them kindly honored with the "Aelita-Start" award. My writing is influenced by such different literary trends as cyberpunk and mysticism. I am not alien to the avant-garde. I think that everything I have written is genuine and serious in the essence, and pretty cool in the form. Along with SF I have a serious interest in futurology. At present, I am on an extended sabbatical in Cologne, the birthplace of toilet water.

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