Bibliographers contest

Bibliographers contest!

Leaders of the competition:

1. LYUBOMIR TRAYKOV (Varna, Bulgaria) — 19 points

2. VLADIMIR KOLYADIN (Ryazan) — 9 points

3. IVO GLOSS (Zechdenik, Germany) — 8 points

We wish to remind you, that since 8.1.1999 a continual biblographers Contest is running on Kir Bulychev's page.

Participants of the contest:

1. Lyubomir Traykov (Varna, Bulgaria) — 4 + 7 = 19 points

2. Vladimir Kolyadin (Ryazan) — 3 + 0 = 9 points

3. Ivo Gloss (Zechdenik, Germany) — 2 + 2 = 8 points


4. Aleksey Lyakhov (Kiev) — 1 + 4 = 7 points

Bibliographers contest!

Since August 1st, 1999 a continual biblographers Contest is running on Kir Bulychev's page. The contest is open for all comers: professional bibliographers and bibliographers by vocation, sci-fi fans and admirers of Kir Bulychev's works, and also just intent and meticulous people.



is raising quality and accuracy of bibliographical references about Kir Bulychev's publications.


The following is eligible for the contest:

— ADDITIONS (information about publications absent in the bibliography at all);

— CORRECTIONS (information about found bibliographical errors and inaccuracies).


As long as all bibliographical material of the page is laid out in different sections [The following links lead to Russian pages. Sorry. - D.L.]: Fiction, Scientific works, Translations, Reviews, Interviews etc, and for example, fiction is in its turn divided into logical groups («Alisa», «Guslyar», «Pavlysh» etc.) and that not all sections are yet laid out in whole, only some of the sections will take part in the contest. It will be permitted to use the other sections for the purpose of competition only after they are completed and the info that the author has is included. This rule is set to exclude the possibility of participants submitting info that the author already has. Information about all new sections that are ready to partake in the contest will be announced separately.

Since January, 1st, 2001 the following sections may be considered ready [All links lead to Russian pages - D.L.]: «Alisa», «Guslyar» «Institute of Expertise», «Pavlysh» and «Tales» from «Fiction», and also «Interviews» section.

So, since January 1st, 2001,
the bibliographers contest is on for the sections:
«Alisa», «Guslyar», «Institute of Expertise», «Pavlysh», «Tales» «Interviews».

ADDITIONS are accepted in the form of:

originals of published printed materials , that are to be sent to mail address of the editor of the page;

copies of published printed materials , that are to be sent to mail address or electronic adress as *.gif or *.jpg graphic files;

Bibliographical descriptions, that are sent to electronic or mail address, or as a record in the Guestbook with a mark «For the bibliographers contest».

Comment: Additions in the form of bibliographical descriptions are considered, but not included to the bibliography until it is proven that the publication was real, to avoid publishing inaccurate data on the page.


CORRECTIONS are accepted in the form of:

Bibliographical descriptions, that are to be sent to the electronic or mail address of the page's editor, or as records in the Guestbook with a mark «For the bibliographers contest».


Be sure to include some personal data: name, last name, the city where you live (for publishing on the page) and your address - electronic or casual mail - for feedback (it will not appear on the page).


Your work is counted in points and is put down to the list of the participants of the contest in the following form: number of additions + number of corrections = sum of points.

Every addition is worth 3 points, every correction — 1 point. Points for additions and corrections are summed.

The results of contest are renewed and laid out weekly. Bibliographers contest.


At the end of the year the participants winning first three places will receive prizes — Kir Bulychev's books with author's dedicatory inscriptions.



1. Shpikerman Evgeniy, Magadan (47 points);

2. Lyakhov Aleksey, Kiev (39 points);

3. Popov Andrey, Krasnodar (29 points).


1. Traykov Lyubomir, Varna, Bulgaria (118 points);

2. Gloss Ivo, Zechdenik, Getrmany (81 point);

3. Kolyadin Vladimir, Ryazan (75 points).

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