"... это сказка о свободе."

"... пластиковый мир победил,
макет оказался сильнее ..."

"Спите, пусть вам приснится атракцион..."

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	This would be a HANIM 1.0 Compliant Standard VRML Humaniod
	BUT cosmoplayer has problems with nested PROTO definitions...
	So for now, I have this version, as well as the Compliant
	version... The HANIM 1.0 Compliant Version can be found

	Bimos (Body Is Made Of Spheres)

	 - ^
	bi-mos (or buymoss, if you a non-linguist like me!:~)

Number of Joints (including root):

VRML 2.0 Author name:
	eMpTy (a.k.a. Matthew T. Beitler)

VRML 2.0 Author email:

VRML 2.0 Author homepage:

VRML 2.0 Copyright:
	You can use it as long as you keep these info
	credits with it (eventually half the bandwidth
	of the web will be layers of copyright
	information!:~)... Also, you can't package up
	the VRML 2.0 model and sell it for $$$...

VRML 2.0 Creation Date:
	August 14, 1997

VRML 2.0 Modification Dates:
	August 18, 1997 - Fixed HANIM Compliancy problems

VRML 2.0 Original URL:

VRML 2.0 Original File, with whitespace:
	I removed all the extra whitespace from this file to save space
	and cut down on the bandwidth... If you are looking for a VRML
	file which is nice to look at (formatting wise):

Other HANIM Models by eMpTy:

HANIM 1.0 Compliant Information:
	For more information on the HANIM Specification:

Construction Info (joints, joint centers, joint limits, etc):
	As the name says, I constructed each body segment with a sphere
	(multiple spheres where necessary) and surprisingly, it looks 
	quite natural... The use of the Sphere geometry type also made
	the file size compact (~88359 bytes, ~12413 bytes gzipped)... 
	The joint centers/limits for VL5 through the STERNOCLAVICULARs 
	as well as the hand joints are based on *Norm's work (also used 
	the traditional JACK 'blue and white'!:~), VC7 through SKULLBASE 
	I extrapolated from the spine graphic on p. 51 of *Gray's Anatomy
	(classic) and the SHOULDER through WRIST as well as the HIP through 
	ANKLE I recycled *Hiro's data... Not all the limits are EXACTLY 
	correct, they are just place to start... The head (I know, very 
	boring) will be added to as the facial animation part of the spec.
	*Gray's Anatomy:
	ISBN#( 0681004215 )


Bob Humanoid {
    name "VRML Body Hierarchy - copyright LIG/EPFL"
    info [
         "VRML 2.0 Body Hierarchy"
         "copyright LIG/EPFL"
         "Do not Remove those lines - Do not use in a commercial way"
         "General Info :"
         "Author : Christian Babski"
         "Body Designer : Mireille Clavien"
         "Related Web Pages : http://ligwww.epfl.ch/~babski/vrml.html"
         "                    http://ligwww.epfl.ch/~babski/StandardBody/"
         "                    http://ligwww.epfl.ch/~babski/FacialAnimation/"
         "Body Info :"
         "Body Height : 1.750000 m"
         "Body Mass : 85.816734 kg"

## (с) Шурик Жмуриков ;
## all left & right conserved ;

## I don`t speak English :-) ;

## Все совпадения случайны ;
## Bravo is down, mission abort ;