Send you "Master" short story (this fragment from "To Come Into
Image" novel got "FANCON" Prize as "The Best SF & Fantasy Short
Story 1994-95) and some fragments from "The Twilight Of The World"
and "The Way Of The Sword" novels as the samples of H. L. Oldie's
creation. If you'll find these texts interesting; if you'll also find the
quality of translation given acceptable for you -- please, write us, what
novels or stories from the list given you want to see translated to
English in the first place?
     We'll send you full or fragmentary translations of the texts you
interested when translation will be completed.
     If the quality of translation is unacceptable for you, you can
find your own translator.
     All copyrights are the property of Henry Lion Oldie.

Yours sincerely

Henry Lion Oldie