Photos of the Authors

Young Yevgeny Lukin, (39Kb) Lyubov Lukin, (32Kb) Lyubov Lukin, 1980, (23Kb)

L.Lukin with S.Loginov and V.Babenko, (21Kb) Ye. Lukin with Sinitsyna, 1982., (33Kb) L.Plakhtina, M.Shalaev and L. Lukin, (31Kb)

L.Lukin with A.Kubatiev, (28Kb) L.Lukin with Sinitsyna, (36Kb) At Zavgorodny's place, (35Kb)

L.Lukin and B.Zavgorodny, (33Kb) A workshop in Maleyevka, 1982 (42Kb) With Zharkovsky, (18Kb)

Interpresscon'97, (23Kb) "Fancon-97" award, (40Kb) 03/17/97, "Stozhary", (39Kb)

Yalta, January 1991, (39Kb) S.Loginov and Ye.Lukin, (18Kb) Lukins, (15Kb)

31.07.97, near Volga river, (29Kb) Ye.Lukin and B.Zavgorodny are giving autographs, (36Kb) State border trespassing (Moldavia-Ukraine), 1996, (56Kb)

31.07.95, (38Kb) Ye.Lukin with "Veter Vremeni (Wind of Time)"
SF&F Club (Volgograd) award - "Naked SF&F Fan"
A meeting in "Stozhary". 1999.

A meeting in "Stozhary". 1999.
A meeting in "Stozhary". 1999.
A meeting in "Stozhary". 1999.

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