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Welcome, be my guests. Feel free to make yourself at home. Take a walk around and peer into the corners, check out the books crammed into the shelves and the shako up on the top shelf. It will be a pleasure to tell you what I've been up to. This page is about:

Military decorations and medals;


Civilian awards;


Lancer helmets and Shakos;

Great Guslyar;

Fractured Histories;

Kings and Cabbages;

The wit and wisdom of the contemporary dream books;

But not a word about SF!

And please be advised that I cannot for the life of me stand conversations about flying saucers, ESP, white, black, green and blue mages, wizards, and seers, new chronologies and the goodness and humanity of comrade Lenin. Or the predictions of Nostradamus.

And as far as my sexual orientation goes, I now must confess that I have long belonged to a very odd sexual minority. I am a Lesbian. I love women.

Kir Bulychev

Short Biography

Kir Bulychev (Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko). 18.10.1934 — 5.09.2003.

In 1957 he graduated from the Moscow Teachers Training Institute of Foreign Languages.

He worked as a translator and the Novosti Press Agency correspondent in Burma, as well as correspondent for the magazine «Around the World» [«Vokrug Sveta»].

In 1962 he finished graduate work at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Since 1963 he has worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies.

In 1965 he defended his Candidate's thesis on «The State of Pagan (XI-XIII Centuries)». In 1981 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme: «The Buddhist Sangha and the State in Burma».

He began to write SF in 1965.

He has translated numerous American SF stories into Russian.

A screenwriter with more than 20 filmed works to his credit, laureate of the State Prize in 1982 for the scenario to «Per Aspera Ad Astra» [«Cherez ternii k zvezdam»] and the animated film «The Secret of the Third Planet» [«Tajna tretej planety»].

Winner of the Aelita award in 1997.

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