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Aelita con
The "Aelita" Convention" is the convention, where most famous writers, critics, publishers and fans of the genre of sc-fi and fantasy meet. The action has been carried out since 1981, being the oldest one in Russia. By the decision of the Mayor of Yekaterinburg this convention is included in the official list of actions dedicated to the celebration of the City's Day.
Robert Sheckley - the classic of the world sc-fi literature, was the guet of honour of the convention in 2003. In 2004 we expect famous Russian sc-fi writers as as Vasily Golovatchyov, Vladislav Krapivin and Sergey Lukianenko to be our guests of honour. Also we plan to invite such great writers as Stanislav Lem and Haruki Murakami.
For the present moment in the active of the convention there are five awards annually presented to new winners: the main premium of "Aelita", the award named after A.Efremov (for outstanding editorial, organizing and educational work in the field of a sc-fi and fantasy), the "Start" award (for the best debut book written in Russian during the year before the con), the award named after Vitaly Bugrov (for outstanding editorial, bibliographic, literature, critical and publisher work in the field of sc-fi and fantasy), and also "The Award of Knights of sc-fi and fantasy" (for the contribution to the development of the native movement of sc-fi and fantasy creators/fans).

All these prizes are made of the Ural stones (crystal, jasper, malachite, etc.) and valuable metals. During more than twenty years of the convention its winners were Strugatsky brothers, Alexander Kazantsev, Vladislav Krapivin, Kir Bulytchev and many other interesting authors.

Since 2004 the organizers plan to give to "Aelita" the status of the Eupopean-Asian convention of the sc-fi and fantasy (EACSFF). Conventions of sc-fi and fantasy exist in different countries - but there are no "intercontinental" conventions! Such forum will be an unique event in theb global practice, which will collect on border of Europe and Asia a certain number of leading writers, and futurologists, and will ensure the broadest illumination of events through massmedia, and great advertising opportunities for sponsors.

Within the framework of the event, press conferences with visitors and winners of the Convention, autograph-sessions and meetings with famous writers, critics and publishers, ТВ and radio interviews with authors, awardings of winners and other various mass actions will be held.

The "Aelita" Convention is a historical event for the city of Yekaterinburg and for the rest of the country. In the cultural life of Yekaterinburg city it is difficult to find another similar phenomenon, which has a comparable age. We wouldn't like to make too high analogies, but, for example, the meaning of this festival in the sphere of literature in scales of Russia is hardly less than the importance of a world championship in any kind of sports for the global sport community. So we would be happy to see as many of sc-fi and fantasy fans here at our conventions!

The "Aelita" Convention's Organizing Committee

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