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SF Site

"The home page for science fiction and fantasy"

SadGeezers Sci Fi Guide

"The aim of this site is to provide information to Sci Fi SadGeezers such as yourself, and also to give you an opportunity to comment, review and vote on the Sci Fi TV YOU would like to see..."

Strange Horizons

A weekly Internet magazine about sci-fi. They also have a nice collection of links.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Web site of the 'Fantasy & Science Fiction' magazine.

Project Gutenberg

Web site of the famous Project Gutenberg. Thousands of public domain electronic books, and some science fiction among them.

Dreamers Of Dune

Dreamers of Dune, a site and online fan club for devotees of Frank Herbert's breathtaking series of Science Fiction novels, and the films, books and video games that came from this body of work.

The Dark Side

The site for fans of the Galactic Empire and the Sith, as described in the Star Wars stories, a place where Rebel scum and Jedi troublemakers are nowhere to be found, where all praise goes to our Emperor, Lord Vader and the Imperial fleet.


English version of a Danish science fiction magazine.

Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works

The site is dedicated to presenting speculative-fiction authors, and their works, that can be given high marks by the general standards of good literature, not just as "genre stuff".

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