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  1. THE WORLD IS AN UNINHABITABLE PLACE. (Review of the novel "The Many-handed God of Dalayn"). Natalya Rezanova.
    In all canonical mythological systems the world is either created for the man or at least suitable for living. And what if the world is initially against humans?

  2. EVERYONE CHOOSES FOR HIMSELF. (Review of the novel "The Well"). Sergey Berezhnoy.
    No one is allowed to choose for the man. The God, creating man, has granted him freedom to reject God. It was not a test for the man, no matter what priests say. Simply put, the man is dead without the right of choice.

  3. THE WELL AND THE PENDULUM. (review of the novel "The Well"). Vadim Khomyakov.
    The matter is in that the magical well does not allow everybody to bring water for the suffering. In the beginning, when Semen, just saved from slavery, tried, he wasn't able do do anything. At least, he remained alive. Others have all perished. So, there must be something in the man. Maybe the desire to help anyone, including enemies.

  4. THOUGHTS ON... (review of the novel "Black Blood"). Igor Bogdanov.
    The authors have rushed up, to behold the events detachedly, touching earth and trees with love but not touching the heroes going forth. They preferred watching burning petroleum to watching burning souls.

  5. EYES ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD, or WHAT'S AHEAD? (afterword for the novel "The Many-handed God of Dalayn"). Andrey Balabukha
    "The Many-handed God of Dalayn" was created exclusively with the help of two-volume Mongolian-Russian dictionary. Not counting the author's intellect, soul and talent, of course.

  6. THE SUBVERTER OF GENRES. Interview with the book in background. (About "The Many-handed God of Dalayn"). Interviewer: Andrey Chertkov.
    " A perfectly clear choice -- to write in absolutely different genres. And when you look at your own texts, you see that you are repeating yourself. That's why I always experiment. "

  7. "AND REALIZED THAT I'VE WRITTEN A SHORT STORY... " Interview. Interviewers: Vladimir Naumov and Tatiana Pridannikova.
    " Once, having invented another story, I went and took a piece of paper, as I got used to at the school, and started to write a composition. That invented story. I wrote it and went to bed, and when I saw the sheet of paper on the table in the morning, I realized that I've written a short story. "

    Recently Sviatoslav Loginov has finished his new novel -- "Black Whirlwind." A finished large-scale work is a passed phase of the development of the writer, a good occasion to sum up, to think about literature... Sviatoslav Loginov has generously agreed to give our magazine an interview.

  9. BLAZE UPON THE BLACK BLOOD. Vasiliy Vladimirsky.
    You can say with certainty that in the "Black Blood" the authors have introduced a new type of fantasy to Russian literature...

  10. GUARDING THE PASS. Vasiliy Vladimirsky. .
    Loginov's prose organically includes both the high professional skill, that is only gained with the great literary experience, and the deep erudition and ability to find a subject to talk not only in the problems of the present day.

Articles by Loginov himself:

    Anyhow the disaster happened, Tolstoy is now considered an example of Russian literature ("If you knew from what rubbish..."). But does it mean that false idols should be left intact and their triumph watched placidly? Someone must be the first to shout the truth.

  2. AUTHOR'S INTRODUCTION to the novel "The Well". (initial version). Sviatoslav Loginov.
    A strange book is before you -- a fantastical novel in which the author tried hard to maintain historical truth, for the truth itself, not paying attention to the conjucture of the moment.

  3. AUTHORS' FOREWORD to the novel "Black Blood" Sviatoslav Loginov, Nick Perumov.
    We are both slightly tired of the standard that has developed in fantasy. Goblins and dwarfs, elves and dragons... And hordes of Western-European knights. And what about our native? On a day in august when the idea was born, there was a common wish to create something "Russian-spirited".

  4. RUSSIAN FANTASY -- THE NEW CINDERELLA. Sviatoslav Loginov. The essay was awarded "Interpresscon-99".
    A trend left without supervision soon intricately develops and with insolence of youth keeps spitting at critics' empty efforts to drive the phenomenon into any limits or at least figure what it is.

  5. AUTHOR'S FOREWORD to the abstract of the novel "Sitting on the Edge" [16/06/99]
    Rumours that "Many-handed God-2" may be written sometimes keep being heard among fans. To put an end to them, I decided to write this note of explanation and with it lay out the fragment of the novel that was finished five years ago and that will never be completed.

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