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[30/03/02] Novel "Tortoise wings".
[04/10/01] Tekodont. Short story.
[26/09/01] Compliant ones. Short story.
[14/09/01] Clay of the Lord. Short story.
Alexander Gromov 

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Author's word

Dear reader:

We offer you a few notes (oh my, you'll say, it's like a sales drone) on the works of (enough is enough!..) a SF author...

Stop it. Cut it short. Brevity is the soul of something, I forget what of...

But I'll have to say a few words, anyway.

First, I am glad there are so many people who derive pleasure out of a strange pursuit that reading science fiction certainly is. None of them can really explain why they do that, other than saying "tastes differ." Being a SF fan, I can only welcome their abundance. And twice so, being a SF author.

Second, I am happy to have this website, created by my diligent friends (if only I was as hardworking myself... no chance here). Many thanks to them.

Third, you can ask questions. I'll try to answer.

Finally, "don't shoot me, I am doing my best." How good "my best" is, is left to you to decide. This site certailnly will expand, and I hope that you'll like the new texts. The only thing left now is to write them.

Please consider my bow a running start. Wish me good luck. And I wish good luck to all of those who came here.

And, of course, happy reading!

Brief Biography

Alexander Gromov is a young Russian SF writer, whose first works appeared in the early 1990-s. He is working in the nowadays less-popular "classical SF" style.
Alexander's wide popularity was initially brought by the novel "Mean Time Between Failures" published in the "Uralskiy Sledopyt" magazine ("Aelita" magazine-in-magazine, ##2-4).
The two most recent works, "Soft Landing" and "Year of the Lemming," are also considered solid successes.
Recipient of Belyaev Award for the book "Soft Landing" (1996), Interpresscon Award for the novel "Soft Landing," and Fancon Award for "St.Vitus' Minuet" (1997).
Reasonably knowledgeable in astronomy. Spends one month a year wandering around, mostly as a water tourist.
Married. Lives in Moscow.


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