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  • Andrey Sinitsyn's review. FORBIDDEN WORLD (6k)
  • Dmitriy VOLODIKHIN'S review. A THOUSAND AND ONE DAY (6k)
  • Dmitriy VOLODIKHIN'S review. DOG RACE (8k)
  • Interview with Alexander GROMOV: "Bad sci-fi is boring sci-fi". INTERVIEWER - Eduard GEVORKYAN (17k)
  • Yevgeniy KHARITONOV. "ALEXANDER GROMOV: HUMANS ARE SUCH BEINGS... OR ANATOMY OF POWER. (Notes about A.N.Gromov's prose and science fiction in general) (35k)
  • Igor Lebedinsky. Annotation for A.Gromov's novel "MASTER OF THE VOID" (3k)
  • Natalia Smirnova. THINKING ALOUD (A.Gromov's novel "SAINT VITUS' MENUIT") (10k)
  • Natalia Smirnova. THINKING ALOUD (A.Gromov's novel "YEAR OF THE LEMMING") (9k)
  • Vitaly Kaplan (A.Gromov's novel "YEAR OF THE LEMMING") (7k)
  • Mikhail Boguslavskiy. (ADAPTANTS HAVE ALREADY COME) (7k)

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