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This small text, I hope, will explain my position to the readers who came here to take a look at what someone called A.Gromov writes and, of course, were disappointed. Alas. There are no annotations here. Moreover, I suspect that there will be none forever.

Why? There are two reasons. The first: I hate writing them. I experienced feelings as great when I wrote school compositions on a given topic - the analogy here is much deeper than it looks. And I can't make myself offer to the reader those strange texts that sometimes come from deep in the publishing houses and adorn the books as annotations.

Second reason: I am still sure that annotations are completely unnecessary. (I may be wrong, but that's my problems). Even if the annotation is written by the author himself and if he tries to make it as good as he can, he risks to fall a victim to inadequacy: the matter is in the fact that the author sees his texts in a different way, not like the reader does. The reasons are clear, the fact is a bit regrettable, but nothing can be done about it.

There is a simple and comfortable way: piling up many glittery words. But... should I?

My opinion is simple: the best annotation for a book is any page taken at random. The first page is better, but not necessarily. If it interests you, there is no need for other annotations; if it did not - it's unlikely that you'll like the whole more than the part. Cheap and good!

You have read to this place? Thank you.

I still have to tell a couple of words about my works - not about each one, but about all of them. Most of the things I wrote can be considered social science fiction (not in the sense of "capitalism-socialism" - this topic does not interest me). The recipe of it, worked out by H.J.Wells, has not changed till the present day and looks like this: you take a socium (limited number of people is better - easier to work) and do some ugly thing to it, and then you sit and look at the consequences...

Of course I'm kidding, and let the shadow of the great writer forgive me. But every joke has a grain of truth... If you don't believe - try it yourself.

I hope I'm excused for the lack of annotations? If not, please put aside the banana pelts. It will make no sense anyway.

Dixi. Thanks for your attention, reader.


For now the books are available only in Russian. Sorry.


Tortoise wings "Tortoise wings"

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A normal house, not large and not small, not yet tumbledown, but far from new. Pine timber walls are made of would turn black from time if it wasn't coloured by merry cream-coloured paint...

Forbidden world "Forbidden world"

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The history of this novel began rather long ago and, though strange it is, it began from an attempt to write a fantasy novel. Perhaps you'll agree that it's a rather strange thought for that...

"Soft Landing"

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The door had a window frame drawn under the tablet saying "Section of self-defence by improvised means". For sure, uncle Kolya the instructor...

Water-line "Water-line"

Download | Read

The waterspout dissipated in half a mile from the starboard; just a minute ago it went in zigzags, came closer, grew in height, drank the sea with its revolving hose -- and now, oversatiated...

A step to the left, a step to the right "A step to the left, a step to the right"

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There will be arguments for a long time - whether IT should be considered alive. Or if it should have been considered. For, happily, this verb can now be used...

A thousand and one day "A thousand and one day"

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The hull vibration subsided. The wide-body long-winged plane finally pulled its fat body to a required height, and set the course...



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An especially hard blow with a blunt-toed boot made him fall on one side, and then another blow followed, which made him wheeze and writhe...

"Compliant ones"

Download | Read

The surface of the front here hadn't changed for a long time. Not the line of never-subsiding fights - the surface, unseen, but real. Where the squadrons were fighting...

"Clay of the Lord"

Download | Read

There is no fate more cruel than to choke while having dinner. I can say that for sure. Why? Because I know.
Of course, there are...

"Lucky star of Agafocles Junior"

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In the twelfth year of rulership of beloved by Roman people and gifted with grace of the gods emperor Claudius there happened an event so...

"I, stone"

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I don't know who wanted do make a joke when he created our world a long time ago in such way that everyone envys everyone.
The poor envy the rich. The weak envy the strong...

"The Second"

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Guys, may I sit with you? Yeah, you. I saw that you have a spare place. What? Easy, buddy, I'm not a beggar. If you want...

Matter of right "Matter of right"

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Tomorrow I'll be brought to trial.
No, I'm not guity, at least I don't consider myself guilty. It's all about a trifling matter - the judge should agree with that.

"Crimson spots"

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Future chieftains emerge at hunt, in far journeys for ever roving short deer with blunt hairy antlers...

"True story about a little starship"

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There was the Universe. And there was a starship in it. And the starship was small. Only as high as Mount Wilson, not counting the observatory on its top...

"Ideal Candidate"

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Of course, I cannot be reckoned as a superman with tanned skin and ropes instead of nerves. I'm a normal man. I've always been one. It's not so bad. Really, ...


Year of the Lemming Modern Utopia "Year of the Lemming"

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It's interesting what the hunter thinks when he sees a wolf - and not a very experienced wolf - jumps over the flags?


"The Computing One"

Download | Read

If someone decided to drink some local water, he would definitely find that it is bitter, has a distinct rotten taste and is also noticeably salty -- not enough...


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