Sviatoslav Loginov's Works in files

Only works published before 1996 inclusive are allowed to be distributed as files.
Alas, the contracts for the books now explicitly prohibit the distribution over the Net.

Books translated into English

Short Stories
  1. The Wind from the Sea(HTML file) (ZIP-file, 2kb).
  2. Objectives of Progress(HTML file) (ZIP-file, 2kb).
Articles, essays
  1. On Classification of European Dragons(HTML file) (ZIP-file, 11kb).

The rest of the texts are only availiable in Russian. Sorry.

  1. The Many-handed God of Dalayn (ZIP-file, 400kb).
  2. Black Blood In co-authorship with Nick Perumov. (ZIP-file, 326kb).
  3. Black Whirlwind (extract, 265kb) (ZIP-file, 118kb).
  4. Earthly Ways (extract, 301kb) (ZIP-file, 136kb).
  5. Sitting on the Edge (beginning of the novel, 80kb) (ZIP-file, 36kb).[16/06/99]

  1. In Your Name (ZIP-file, 44kb).
  2. Sunset on the Planet Earth (ZIP-file, 47kb).
  3. The Quest (ZIP-file, 30kb).
  4. Miracle of an Ordinary Day (ZIP-file, 45kb).
  5. Like Father Like Son (ZIP-file, 44kb).
  6. I Don't Touch You (ZIP-file, 38kb).

Short stories
  1. Self-portrait (ZIP-file, 13kb).
  2. Sergeev the Adept (ZIP-file, 12kb).
  3. True Story About a Fabulous Beast (ZIP-file, 19kb).
  4. Downward Gaze (ZIP-file, 6kb).
  5. Hans the Rat-catcher (ZIP-file, 23kb).
  6. Roadside house (ZIP-file, 5kb).
  7. Dragons of the Midnight Mountains (ZIP-file, 15kb).[08/07/99]
  8. Iron Age (ZIP-file, 8kb).
  9. Once upon a time there lived... (ZIP-file, 10kb).
  10. The Living Souls (ZIP-file, 20kb).
  11. Zamoshye (series of short stories) (ZIP-file, 52kb).
  12. Apartment (ZIP-file, 7kb).
  13. Communal Flat (ZIP-file, 8kb).
  14. Mashenka (ZIP-file, 17kb).
  15. The Honey of Life (ZIP-file, 29kb).
  16. Microcosm (ZIP-file, 12kb).
  17. Monstrum Magnum (ZIP-file, 21kb).
  18. Night Rainbow (ZIP-file, 6kb).
  19. Ward by the Empty Hills (ZIP-file, 9kb).
  20. Garden (ZIP-file, 7kb).
  21. Intricate Plot (ZIP-file, 3kb).[24/12/98]
  22. Equal to a God (ZIP-file, 11kb).
  23. Growler (ZIP-file, 3kb).
  24. Quiet Jacques (ZIP-file, 13kb).
  25. Pickles (ZIP-file, 4kb).
  26. The Guardian of the Pass (ZIP-file, 29kb).
  27. The Dark Eye (ZIP-file, 8kb).
  28. I'll be in time (ZIP-file, 6kb).
  29. Habilis (ZIP-file, 5kb).
  30. Master (ZIP-file, 4kb).
  31. Barber (ZIP-file, 15kb).
  32. Clock (ZIP-file, 15kb).
  33. Helmet (ZIP-file, 7kb).
  34. Collection of Microstories (ZIP-file, 19kb).

Historical stories and short stories
  1. Analyst (ZIP-file, 13kb).
  2. More Precious than many (ZIP-file, 94kb).
  3. Care (ZIP-file, 2kb).
  4. Heal Yourself (ZIP-file, 12kb).
  5. The Metallurgist (ZIP-file, 3kb).
  6. Nobel Prize (ZIP-file, 13kb).
  7. The Precursor (ZIP-file, 79kb).
  8. Spring Will Come (ZIP-file, 9kb).
  9. Accident (ZIP-file, 12kb).

Articles, Notes, Essays
  1. Grafs and Graphomaniacs, or Why I don't Like Leo Tolstoy (HTML-file, 39kb).
  2. On Classification of European Dragons (in ENGLISH) (HTML-file, 22kb).
  3. Vinaigrettes Differ (HTML-file, 13kb).
  4. A Cup of Hemlock (HTML-file, 6kb).
  5. What a Horror! (HTML-file, 12kb).
  6. My Public Library (HTML-file, 32kb).
  7. Marching Through Berry Promised Lands (HTML-file, 46kb).
  8. Pancakes used to be cooked (HTML-file, 28kb).
  9. We'll do without summing up (HTML-file, 5,5kb).

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