A very popular, modern age Russian sci-fi author. Educated as engineering-physicist, spent nearly ten years working as molecular immunologist after university. His first short stories the author-to-be has written in the end of 1970's, however his first articles appeared in the "The coming of Darkness, or Middle Earth in 300 years", a book published in 1993 in the city of Stavropol. 50 thousand copies of this book has been printed.

The total number of books by this author printed is over 500 thousand.

Nick Perumov with a sword
Nick Perumov, 30.03.2002:

... I stopped all my writing, including "The War of the Mage"... I will not resume my work, at least, until this fall. I cannot even estimate when "The War of the Mage" will come out. But definately not before the Sping of 2003.

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