Here you can find out about books by Nik Perumov. The books below have been published already, or are on schedule to be published soon. Practically every book has information about its publisher and a scan of the front cover. If something is missing from the catalogue below, feel free to check out Lounge section, since that is the depository for new fragments.

The Ring of Darkness

The Elf Sword
Black Spear
Henna's Adamant

Chronicles of Hervard

Death of the Gods
Warrior of Great Dark
Slave of the Unnamed
Hroft's Thousand years
World without Happiness

Break-Apart Chronicles

Diamond Sword, Wooden Sword
The Keeper of Swords: Birth of the Mage
The Keeper of Swords: Wanderings of the Mage
The Keeper of Swords: Solitude of the Mage
The Keeper of Swords: War of the Mage
Necromancer's Daughter
Return the Staff (novel)
Death of the Gods - 2


Permitted magic
Enemy Unknown
Zone of Mages


Soul Thieves
One on one
Operation "Anti-irod" (In the loop)

Joint works

Black Blood
Not the time for the Dragon

Empire above all

 NEW! Skull on the Sleeve
Skull in the Sky

I am Vseslav

 NEW! An Episode in Kubinka
Russian Sword
Iron from blood
Elf from the edge of the World
Harculian gate
Vseslav's Dog

The Others

Stern Side - Fire!
... No way to perish
Seven Beasts of Rayleg
Seven Beasts of Rayleg: Fortress Etengard

Translations by Nik

Paul Winlow. Conan and The Carusel of Gods

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