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Sergei Lukianenko's pride and joy – "Sword of Rumata" – awarded for "Knights of the Forty Islands". The prototype of Inga is on the left. ;)

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1995, Krasnoyarsk (Siberia):
Sergey receives the "Sword of Rumata" award

Большое фото (66 Kb)

1997, St.Petersburg.
Sergey’s second "Sword of Rumata" award
Left to right: Lev Vershinin with the "Crystal Sword", Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky ("Henry Lion Oldy" duo) with the "Lunar Sword", Sergey Lukyanenko with the "Sword of Rumata", Marina Djachenko with the "Sword in the Stone".

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Surgeon General's suggestion: if, after all, you keep smoking, drop the cigarettes for a good old pipe!

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Yuly Burkin and Sergey Lukyanenko - the eternal ties

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Visiting the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) resort in Czech Rep.

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Prague, near "Čertovka" [Chertovka] vine cellar: it’s here where conceived the beginning of his bestseller "False Mirrors" (the nightmare of two walls)

Большое фото (40 Kb)

Sergey Lukyanenko and Nick Perumov celebrate the publication of Sergey’s new book ("Labyrinth of Reflections")

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Dmitriy "Bay" Baykalov, Sonya Lukyanenko (Sergey’s wife) and Sergey

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"On second thought, I hate the coke..."

Большое фото (32 Kb)

Sergey Lukyanenko writing the second chapter of his comic self-parody "Argentumish Key"
On his left: Dmitriy "Bay" Baykalov

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The writer’s favourite drink is beer, especially the Czech one, and especially in Prague!

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Sergey Lukianenko and Alexander Gromov at a meeting with readers in the SF&F club of the "Stozhary" SF&F book shop (now closed), Moscow

Большое фото (75 Kb)

1995. Meeting young admirers in "Karavella" ("Caravel") children’s club (Yekaterinburg). (Near Sergey is his wife Sonya)

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Sergey and his pet mouse Stremitelnyj ("Impetous") – after Stremitelnyj, Sergey also had other mice of which the inseparable pair of Moulder and Scally is perhaps the best known by Sergey’s fans.

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The first "autumn visit" to Moscow (shortly before Sergey’s moving from Alma-Ata to Moscow)

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"Karavella" ("Caravel") children’s club (Yekaterinburg). At a picture "Death of a Drummer Boy"

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"Aelita-99" convent (Yekaterinburg). Meeting young readers of the "Karavella" ("Caravel") children’s club and signing books.

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Vladislav Krapivin, Sergey Lukyanenko and Mitka the rug hare

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The "Aelita" prize is a heavy one!

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1999, Yekaterinburg: press conference of the "Aelita" winners: Alexander Sidorovich (Yefremov memorial award), Sergey Lukyanenko ("Aelita-99" award), Vladislav Krapivin ("Aelita-83"), Kir Bulychev ("Aelita-97")

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1999, Yekaterinburg. After the award is won, the writer can relax a bit in a good company...
Upper row: Yevgeny Kharitonov with his V.Bugrov memorial award, Andrey Sinitsin, Dmitry "Bay" Baykalov.
Lower row: Sergey Lukyanenko with "Aelita" award, Alexander Royfe, Alexander Sidorovich with Yefremov memorial award, Vladimir "Voha" Vasilyev.

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The writer’s working place

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Sergey Lukyanenko and Robert Sheckley (USA). Behind R.Sheckley (on the right) – Paul Anderson (USA).

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"Strannik-99" convention – a memory photo with the favourite writer...

Большое фото (47 Kb)

...and the real autograph of the real S.Lukyanenko!

Большое фото (50 Kb)

Nick Perumov is explaining the audience how people become SF&F writers, shile Sergey waits for his turn...

Большое фото (44 Kb)

...and at last, it’s his turn

Большое фото (34 Kb)

Sergey presenting a speech of thanks after receiving the "Strannik" ("Wanderer") award from the hands of Boris Strugatsky


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