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Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy. Our main page. The largest server dedicated to Russian science fiction in Russia and in the world. To see the list of English sections at Russian Science Fiction, visit the main page:
     Strugatsky Brothers
     Kir Bulychev
     Sergey Lukyanenko
     Henry Lion Oldie
     Vladimir Vasilyev
     Sviatoslav Loginov
     Lyubov and Yevgeny Lukin
     Vladislav Krapivin
     Vyacheslav Rybakov
     Alexander Tyurin
     Alexander Gromov
     Marina and Sergey Dyachenko

     Russian Science Fiction literary award

Russian science fiction in English translation

A collection of Russian science fiction translated into English at Moshkov's library.

Bookshelf at Russian science fiction

Library of 'Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy' server. A growing collection of novels, stories and short stories by Russian science fiction authors.

"Works of Soviet Literature summarized for those unable or too lazy to read them in the original".

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