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University pages related to science fiction

University of Michigan fantasy and science fiction website

"These pages are dedicated to assisting scholars of all types all over the world. We are constantly striving to provide an extensive and useful location for all types of information and tools that will help us study fantasy and science fiction...". A great site of Michigan University.

University of Kansas Center for the Study of Science Fiction

"[...] a medium for information about the Center and its programs, data about science fiction and informed commentary, and occasional news about SF in general. It also will provide links to other SF information sources...". Kansas university sci-fi studies site. Maintained by James Gunn.

Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group

That's it. The website of Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group.

Cambridge University Science Fiction Society

"CUSFS (and later Jomsborg) has been bringing literary discussion of Science Fiction and Fantasy to students and the general public in Cambridge since 1963...".

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