Awards given to brothers Strugatsky



    1959. The second Strugatksy novel - "The Country of Crimson Clouds" - in competition of the best book about science and engineering for the schoolboys, spent by Ministry of education of RSFSR, has received the third premium. (The First premium is awarded to "Andromeda Nebula" by I.Efremov.)

    1978. The fan award "Fant" - probably the first award of such kind in the USSR - is established. Its first winners were brothers Strugatsky with their novel "Definitely Maybe".

    1980. The winners of the "Fant-80" award are once again brothers Strugatsky. This time the best book of soviet Sci-Fi literature of the past year is chosen to be Strugatsky novel "Beetle in the Anthill".

    1981. Brothers Strugatsky have become the winners of the first premium "Aelita", awarded by "Ural pathfinder"-magazine and Comission of Adventure and Sci-Fi literature of the Council of the Soviet Writers. Novel "Beetle in the Anthill" is named as the best soviet Sci-Fi book of two previous years.

    1985. For the outstanding contribution in the international Science Fiction and in connection with 60-years anniversary the Large Anniversary medal of Club of Sci-Fi Lovers "Reflection" (Saratov) is handed to A.N. Strugatsky.

    1988. On totals of the international interrogatory "The best books published in 1986" Club of Sci-Fi Lovers "Alkor" (Omsk) has announced the winners in section "Novel" - A. and B. Strugatsky for their latest novel "Waves extinguish the Wind".

    1989. Club of Sci-Fi Lovers "KOMKON - 3" (Vladivostok) has established a honourable rank of member - correspondent of the club. To A. N. Strugatsky this rank is given "for creation of books, that have caused the appearance of the club, and participation in its work".

    1989. Club of Sci-Fi Lovers "Alkor" has announced the names of new winners of the "Readers Sympathies" competition. On totals , the best soviet Sci-Fi novel of the 1987 is named - the latest work by Strugatsky - "Time of Rain" ("Ugly Swans").

    1990. The Founders of the literary "A.Beljaev"-award - the section of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adventure literature of the organisation of writers of Saint Petersburg and bibliophiles of "Burevestnik" factory in Saint Petersburg - have awarded to brothers Strugatsky "The Premium of Sympaties of the Readers" for the outstanding contribution in soviet Sci-Fi literature.

    1990. On holiday "Aelita - 90" is announced, that the winners in the readers sympathies competition "The Great Ring" are once again A. and B. Strugatsky - for their novel "Snail on the Slope".

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