Photos of Strugatsky

abs01.jpg - 65k abs04.jpg - 10k abs05.jpg - 67.9k

Arkadij Natanovitch Strugatsky and Boris Natanovitch Strugatsky (ABS)

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Some more photos of ABS

ans010.jpg - 41.2k ans002.jpg - 5.5k ans005.jpg - 30k

Arkadij Natanivitch Strugatsky (ANS) is deeply conceived...

ans011.jpg - 94k

Arkadij Strugatsky with his daughter Masha

ans003.jpg - 6k

Arkadij Natanovitch with his cat

ans007.jpg - 34,1k

Being interviewed...

ans006.jpg - 16,5k ans008.jpg - 37,5k

ANS is having fun...

ans009.jpg - 52k ans001.jpg - 16k

Arkadij Natanovitch solo

ans012.jpg - 23k ans004.jpg - 6k

ANS, K.D. Andrejev and Alexey Schilejko

bns001.jpg - 47k

Boris Natanovitch Strugatsky (BNS) at the "Bronze Snail" award ceremony. The snail-statuettes themselves are right in front of him

bns004.jpg - 20k

BNS is awarding Andrej Lazarchuk with the "Bronze Snail" award

bns005.jpg - 19k

BNS is awarding Alexander Schegolev with the "Bronze Snail" award

bns006.jpg - 16k

BNS and the legendary Sidorovitch, the man that has spended a lot of time and money for making this award and "Interpresscon" conferences a reality

bns002.jpg - 34k

BNS is interviewed in his flat in Saint Petersburg

bns003.jpg - 24.5k bns007.jpg - 101k

Boris Natanovitch Strugatsky

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