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Sci-Fi writers Brothers Strugatsky (20k)

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Arkadij and Boris Strugatsky (16.2k)

Brothers Strugatsky

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Arkady Natanovitch Strugatsky and Boris Natanovitch Strugatsky are the most famous and popular russian sci-fi writers. They became the soul of russian science fiction literature in 60-s, 70-s and 80-s, and even now they can proudly be named as leaders of russian science fiction.

Their books have educated entire generations, end their ideas and principles became the ideas and principles of millions and millions of people. The number of their fans in Russia is really impossible to count, and even in other countries their prose has found a way to the hearts of the readers. The key to their success is, according to their own description, that they wrote about "adventures of the spirit, and not about adventures of the body".

Any Strugatsky work, in contrast to any other ordinary sci-fi book (which are usually full of crap), is not pure science fiction. They always write about people and their problems, and not about spaceships, technology or other things wich all other ordinary sci-fi is full of. There are so many levels of understanding their works, that it is a must to read their books several times to see the whole field of ideas, "packed-in" by the authors. Their books awake in any reader desire for understanding other people.

"Thinking is not entertainment but an obligation!"

This is the main slogan of brothers Strugatsky, and I wholly associate myself with it.

Alexandr Usov

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