Bibliography: 2001—2002


Publications in collective anthologies
«5th Wall», "InterBuild", Moscow, 2002
«Familiar house, unfamiliar house» — рассказ.

«Science Fiction-2002 [Fantastica-2002], issue 1», AST, Moscow, 2002
«Motherland of indifference» — story.

«Our Sci-fi-2001 [Nasha Fantastica]» — almanac, №1, Centrpoligraph, 2001
«Esteban Blankes Cloister» — story.

«Science Fiction-2001» — collection, AST, Moscow, 2001
«Matter of Price» — story from the cycle «Witcher from the Greater Kiev».


«Heritage of the giants»., AST, Moscow, 2002
«Hydrofoil Jolly Roger»., AST, Moscow, 2002
«Wolfish Nature» and «Beast in every one of us»., AST, Moscow, 2002
«Blades», AST, Moscow, 2002
«Hot Start», AST, Moscow, 2002
«Going into the night», AST, Moscow, 2002
«Death or Glory/Black Relay», AST, Moscow, 2001
«Hunt for wild trucks», AST, Moscow, 2001
«Three steps towards Dankarten», AST, Moscow, 2001
«Three steps towards Dankarten» — novel
«Gestures» short story.
«Masters of the sky» — short story.
«Warble of the singing owl» — short story.
«Sadovaya, 7» — short story.
«Round three hundred and nine» — short story.
«Urmi» — short story.
Along with the novels the collection contains yet unpublished stories written between 1988 and 1994.
«Enemy Unknown», AST, Moscow, 2001
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