Vladimir Vasilyev is not only a prose writer, he is also known as a lyricist. Some lyrics are available here (You will come across some of them in the novel «The Technician of Greater Kiev»(in Russian):
   For those who, for some reason, cannot read or sing these songs online, there is this file (in Russian, DOS encoding)).
And to have a chance to hear Vladimir Vasilyev sing and play you have to get a «Zasada-92» CD(lyrics in Russian)

   A CD with a live concert in Kharkov at the opening of the festival «Zvezdny Most-2001 [Star Bridge-2001]», (the part with Vladimir Vasilyev) is available. Five tracks in all plus three bonus-tracks: a new edition of the «Master of the Roads», and «Makabuka Rock'n'Roll» and one short instrumental composition from «Zasada-92» (lyrics in Russian). (mini-CD format /8 см/).

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