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Andrzej Sapkowsky does not object to Vladimir Vasilyev using witcher Geralt as a character.

16 Kb
Two Vladimir Vasilyevs — one from Kharkov and one from Nikolaev

18 Kb (September 1998, Zaporozhye, festival KSP. Photo by unknown author. Aleksandr Silaev is standing behind them.)
I'm the master of roads.

17 Kb (summer of 2000, somewhere on the road between Nikolaev and Kiev, photo by Vyacheslav Libkind.)
Warm place.

8 Kb

8 Kb
3 fellows with identical faces.

22 Kb
It's not yet the halo above your head.

9 Kb
One hand here — the other there
(Between two seas)

6 Kb
It's all about the hat...

8 Kb
For the beer...tza-tza

17 Kb
Stand for the subbotnik!

10 Kb
We, writers, are an industrious folk.

14 Kb
Yacht, I love you, but I love beer more

13 Kb
Beware, suitcase!

28 Kb
You in the army now

16 Kb
Gee... Gee.. Hey, wish I saw the guy who sold me this «horse».

13 Kb
Nevertheless, the sailor's vest is more dear to us

19 Kb
«And also I can play the guitar!..»

13 Kb
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